Touchtechmedia has developed user case scenarios and concepts for some of the largest technology companies. We also help estimate the economic viability of the product concept.

We use wireframes to demonstrate the core functionality of a web service and to detail the navigation flows between site pages. Interactive flows provide a realistic user experience to establish further requirements before starting the development phases. 

Touchtechmedia’s inTOUCH Platform v2 now has flexible product layouts to adapt to your changing requirements. Our agile development approach means we can continue to make changes throughout the product development cycle.

Touchtechmedia will test your service on over 1100 real desktop browsers and mobile devices, right from legacy versions of Internet Explorer, to the latest beta and developer releases of Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Yandex.

Touchtechmedia will manage all aspects of your service from development to hosting and management. Our proprietary inTOUCH Platform & Cloud solution means you can focus on your core business goals and marketing initiatives.

Touchtechmedia manages key mobile operator relationships to help promote new and innovative mobile services. Mobile payments are secure and easy to use which has helped establish new sales channels for our partners.

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