Our carrier grade platform now supports e-money mobile payments for physical goods and digital subscription services. inTOUCH’s proven Node.js architecture means faster bespoke solution development turnaround and higher performance.

TTM’s bespoke cloud architecture and agile development methodology helps reduce project lead-times to deliver managed solutions on budget. You can monitor progress and make changes at different stages from concept to deployment.

TTM Cloud is a business class solution designed for rapid scale, efficiency, and performance. Our clients include mobile network operators, service providers and multinational technology companies. TTM manages all stages of your cloud service design and deployment.


For Mobile Operators

Updated Modular Design

inTOUCH has been redesigned to support a wide range of products and services for your mobile customers.

Multi Channel Support

inTOUCH allows you to deploy products in new channels in real time.

Improved Scaling

inTOUCH can scale to meet any load requirements.

For Content Aggregators & Digital Agencies

Managed Platform

You can now offer your clients a complete end-to-end service . TTM and inTOUCH will help bring your product concepts to life.

Agile Development Approach

TTM’s agile development approach together with our proprietary inTOUCH platform means you can adapt to your clients requirements while keeping delivery costs low.

Mobile Commerce

Help your clients drive new growth through mobile marketing and commerce.

For Mechants

E-Money Mobile Payments

inTOUCH now features e-money mobile payments for once-off or subscription services. TTM can now deliver solutions any in vertical sector.

Customised Checkout

TMM can set up bespoke payment flows and pricing models to meet your product requirements.

Improved Sales

TTM works closely with the mobile operators to distribute new commerce services.

Supported Devices/Browsers

Mobile Payment Checkout Rate



Product Concepts & Wireframes

Development & Testing

Hosting & Management

About Us

Who We Are

Touchtechmedia is a London based mobile services provider with over 25 years combined experience delivering mobile commerce solutions and platforms.

Touchtechmedia provides managed services for mobile network operators, content aggregators and merchants allowing customers using a wide range of browsers and devices to purchase services using mobile payment.

Touchtechmedia provides a cloud service and application management platform (inTOUCH) enabling companies to distribute and promote web and mobile web applications.

We have also established distribution partnerships to supplement app store sales.

Look forward to hearing how we can help bring your mobile products to life.

Our Mission

To bring new and innovative mobile commerce services to life through our mobile network operator channel partnerships.